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A great deal of international research and development had to be carried out first to find the best possible user friendly irrigation systems ranging from simple old fashioned oriental type systems to high-tech modern self-sufficient self-operational designs where needed. The unique new Uys / Van Wyk designed systems are cost effective and can be used successfully where electricity is not available. Dr. Uys and Dr. Van Wyk both as long time inventors have designed a portable continuous self-sufficient, self-powered constant perpetual electricity production device that will operate without sunlight, or wind power, or auxiliary engine power. This new concept would be most suitable for African rural areas and would also be beneficial to other countries experiencing the same “no available electricity” setbacks. 

Everything important most certainly surrounds Southern African customs and African idealisms. Knowing all the African customs and being able to talk most of the Southern African languages is a huge advantage because Africans tend to express their true feelings, deep desires and secret political attributes but only to people they totally trust and who speak well their own languages. To others, they will act respectably toward them but will retain some reservations. Both Dr. Uys and Dr. Van Wyk work very well together, complement each other and completely trust each other with all matters. They have been asked to shift into a higher gear as soon as possible and some serious support would really get SAADT elevated in accordance with the game plan designs.

Dr. Uys and Dr. Van Wyk envision about $400 Million USD going towards SAADT advancement in the two years in order to take up additional acres of agriculture land as the phase benchmarks increase. It was carefully estimated that to completely remedy plaguing problems in all of Southern and Northern African countries, several Billion US$ would be required over the next 20 years.

Dr. Uys and Dr. Van Wyk are willing to emphasize the monumental undertaking to earnest parties or organizations. Such parties can feel free to call Dr. Uys in the USA or Dr. Van Wyk in South Africa anytime. Contact details are provided at the lower section of the SAADT basic presentation.


Current devices will integrate into each farm units, including off  grid Power, Water and Sewage purification developed and tested by Dr Uys and Dr Van Wyk. Also, the Melliferm Animal systems which has produced very positive results, will be essential as it provides smart animal food supplementation, developed, tested and maintained by veterinary Dr Richard Bartkowiak. The forementioned technologies / products  all have been provisionally patented and will make an international market impact. A small production plant must be set up on each farm as well as the unique off grid power units.


“The board of Trustees” will consist of the key SAADT Executive Management and preferred prominent powerful International Executives, including; principal international dignitaries and very wealthy influential international philanthropists from participating nations. The goal is to accumulate adequate funding over the next 5 years to cover and enhance all of Southern and Northern African food production regions. The Northern African strategic plans will be set into motion as soon as possible to alleviate their problems as well.


A variety of skilled individuals will participate at this important level. “The board of Advisors” will consist of a variety of persons possessing special skills and knowledge such as business experts, scientists, practical professors and PhD’s, financial experts, agriculture planners, mechanical and structural engineers, focused politicians, exemplary lobbyists, experienced strategic planners, education specialists, medical specialists, international environmental regulation experts, foreign trade, export and import specialists, marketing specialists, experienced commodity buyers, non-profit banking specialists, bridge, highway, lake and dam engineers, irrigation specialists, agronomists, architect and building specialists, manufacturing specialists, experienced attorneys and other applicable persons that would help guide SAADT through all its attributes and multiple developments. SAADT is primed to grow into a very large organization in a short period of time.